AITS Project - AIDS/TB Saar

The project AITS has the ambitious goal to set up a network of researchers with a strong expertise on the co-infection of HIV and TB in the Saarland and to develop a powerful central point in national and international networks against infectious diseases.

The Department of Transplantation and Infection Immunology at Saarland University hospital is working in collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute for Biomedical Engineering on this research strategy. Successful previous initiatives of these partners on the field of HIV/TB coinfection have already been launched during the last years and need to be continued. A competence center on HIV/TB coinfection will be established to make sure that the expertise of Saarland researchers can have an outstanding international position in this science and technology area. AITS aims to establish sustainable multilateral cooperation at the level of projects or institutions with international partners, bilateral cooperation with national partners and to build-up an internet portal on AIDS/TB research and funding opportunities. Furthermore, AITS will attract national and international funding to Saarland researchers and boost the development of regional technologies to promote Saarland as an economic global player in the field of AIDS/TB-research. 

The BioKryo GmbH brings in this consortium its expertise in the field of storage of patient specimens, which are HIV, HBV or HCB positive.

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